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Stent Replacement Procedure

Keep Your Ureters in Good Working Order

In order to make sure that your ureters are functioning the right way, your doctor might recommend that you have stents. You could also need them if your ureters are diseased, often obstructed or damaged. If you already have stents, turn to the surgical experts at miVIP for a minimally invasive stent replacement procedure.

The reason that it is so important that you have your stents replaced every three to six months is so that the stents do not start to deteriorate. Besides small cracks forming in the stent, there is also the possibility of minerals building up inside of the stent, which can lead to kidney stones. Allow the world leading surgeons at miVIP to make sure that your stents and your ureters are in excellent shape.

How We Perform the Procedure

You will be given special fasting instructions before your procedure. After the general anesthesia is administered:

  • A cytoscope will be placed inside of your urethra
  • The old stent will be located and removed
  • The new stent will be put in

In some cases a wire guide might be required for your stent replacement procedure in order to help place the stent. A fluoroscope will help determine where the guide wire will be placed before the stent is placed on top of the wire.

Your miVIP Surgical Team

You will have one of the most highly experienced surgeons taking care of your stent replacement. All of our surgeons are accredited, board certified and some of the most revered in their respective fields. Each of them is committed to quality patient comfort and care.

What You Can Expect Post-Procedure

Once your stent replacement procedure is complete, there might be some discomfort or pain. Your miVIP surgeon will be able to give you more detailed information about how you can better manage your symptoms after the procedure. If at all possible, try to make your follow up replacement procedure roughly six months in the future. This is a good way to keep track of how long it has been since your stents have been replaced. You might also want to talk with your doctor before making the appointment since there is a chance that they might recommend that you have your stent replacement procedure done earlier.

How Much Will The Procedure Cost?

Depending on the type of health insurance that you currently carry, your plan might cover the cost of the procedure. There might also be a deductible or other out-of-pocket expenses that you might have to take care of. In any case, you will want to check with your health insurance provider before the procedure in order to find out what is and what is not covered. miVIP patient advocates will be happy to assist you with benefits verification as well as insurance pre-authorization.

If you do not have any type of medical insurance, we can also help you develop a personalized financial plan to suit your individual requirements and needs.

Schedule Your Replacement Procedure Today

miVIP is here to make sure you receive the very best patient care and get you back on your feet again as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about our minimally invasive stent replacement procedure, pick up the phone and call us at 877-956-2263.

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