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Da Vinci Wedge Resections

Minimally Invasive Surgery Offers Many Benefits

Patients who have been diagnosed with lung cancer and require the removal of cancerous tissue from their lungs have several options for medical treatment. Da Vinci wedge resections are a minimally invasive way to remove the diseased tissue while leaving the healthy lung tissue intact. The elite surgeons at miVIP recommend this less invasive option to patients who have received an early-stage diagnosis where the cancerous cells have not spread to the nearby lymph nodes. Wedge resections are the optimal way to increase the health and lung capacity of the patient following treatment.

The other option for extracting cancerous lung tissue is an open thoracotomy, which can be extremely invasive and may require a more extensive recovery process. Our robotic-assisted technology minimizes scarring, blood loss and complications. It also comes with a shorter recovery period.

How are da Vinci Wedge Resections Performed?

When lung cancer is detected in its earliest stages, our sophisticated robotic techniques allow surgeons to carefully remove the cancerous tissue using the latest imaging technology. This leaves a greater portion of healthy lung tissue behind.

The Surgeons at miVIP

Each of our skilled surgeons has received thorough training on the da Vinci Surgical System. We are part of an elite group of medical professionals that has the training necessary to operate this amazing, minimally invasive technology.

What to Expect After Wedge Resections

While an open thoracotomy may cause a significant reduction in lung capacity, a da Vinci wedge resection works to conserve as much lung tissue as possible. Some patients may not feel any change in their lung capacity.

Cost of Procedure

At miVIP, we understand that the cost of a surgical procedure may seem overwhelming; however, we gladly accept most PPO and POS insurance plans. We work together with your insurance company to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Find Out More

If you have recently been diagnosed with the early stages of cancer, call miVIP today at 877-956-2263. Our experienced surgeons will evaluate your unique medical situation and determine whether or not you are a good candidate for da Vinci wedge resections. We can also answer all of your questions regarding this innovative surgical technique.

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