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Da Vinci Thoracic Sympathectomy

Don’t Sweat it Out Any Longer

Individuals who experience uncontrollable sweaty palms may suffer from hyperhidrosis or “sweaty palm” disorder. For many people, this condition is more than just bothersome. An overstimulated sympathetic nervous system can lead to a misfiring of signals, which results in the constriction of blood vessels and sweaty hands. The network of nerves that is affected travels parallel to the spine in the chest area. While these nerves may be hard to reach with traditional methods, a da Vinci thoracic sympathectomy can create optimal conditions for the operating surgeon. The da Vinci technology increases the surgeon’s visual acuity and decreases hand tremors, allowing them to access and sever the affected nerves. This procedure often provides a substantial improvement in symptoms or may eliminate them altogether.

Before the implementation of minimally invasive da Vinci technology, thoracic sympathectomies were invasive and complicated. For many, the risks outweighed the benefits and patients were uncomfortable having the procedure performed. With da Vinci technology, however, these surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures, giving patients a shorter recovery time.

How Is a di Vinci Thoracic Sympathectomy Performed?

Surgeries involving the nervous system are often more complicated than those involving other parts of the body. The surgeon must take special care that they are severing the right nerves. Da Vinci technology significantly improves the surgeon’s accuracy by increasing their dexterity, magnification and vision. A small incision is made, just large enough to fit the tiny da Vinci camera inside. After the procedure is completed, the small incision is sutured, leaving minor scarring. Patients can feel confident that their skilled surgeon will perform the sympathectomy with virtually no complications or adverse reactions.

The Surgeons at miVIP

At miVIP, we strive to bring our patients the very latest in medical technology. That is why our surgeons have received extensive training on the methods and techniques required to use this sophisticated technology. We are able to offer our patients a quick and more comfortable recovery time, as well as the knowledge that their surgery is being performed by some of the best surgeons in Las Vegas.

What to Expect After a da Vinci Thoracic Sympathectomy

During the da Vinci thoracic sympathoectomy, the affected nerves are severed, eliminating the sweaty palm response. This procedure has an amazing success rate of over 90 percent. While there are several non-surgical treatment options for sweaty palm conditions, none relieve the symptoms as well as having surgery.

Cost of the Procedure

If you are insured, the cost of a da Vinci thoracic sympathectomy will depend on your specific insurance plan. You may have to pay for a percentage of the total cost of the procedure, or you may have to meet a deductible before your insurance will pay a portion of the cost. Our friendly patient representatives are ready to call your insurance company and find out the specific details of your plan. We can then design a financial payment plan if necessary.

Long Term Prognosis

Having a da Vinci thoracic sympathectomy may be a permanent solution to your overactive sympathetic nervous system disorder. Once the nerves are severed, you will no longer have to worry about experiencing the symptoms of hyperhidrosis. This condition also helps to eliminate symptoms of excessive blushing, Raynaud’s syndrome and complex regional pain syndrome.

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