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Da Vinci Lymph Node Surgery

Robot-Assisted Surgery Increases Precision, Decreases Recovery Time

The healthcare professionals at miVIP Surgery Centers continuously strive to bring their patients the very best care and latest treatment options available. That is why we are excited to offer the amazing new da Vinci robotic technology to patients who have been diagnosed with lung cancer. Using this sophisticated technology, surgeons are able to gain insight into the specific details of each patient’s condition. They are then able to select customized treatment options to meet their unique needs. Part of this essential information is obtained by performing lymph node surgery with da Vinci technology. This minimally invasive technology shortens the patient’s recovery period and decreases the risk of adverse reactions and complications.

How Is the Lymph Node Surgery Performed?

Physiologically, lymph nodes are buried deep within the chest cavity, surrounded by the breastbone, spine and lungs. This makes it hard for surgeons to gain access to nodes. In some cases, this requires them to take extreme measures. Depending on the specific situation, the surgeon may be able to operate using a mini-thoracotomy, which uses smaller incisions; however, it is still a difficult area to operate in with standard surgical equipment.

During lymph node surgery with da Vinci technology, the entire node is removed and analyzed for cancer. If the node tests positive for cancerous cells, some or all of the cancerous tissue has already been removed from the body, leading to a better prognosis.

The Surgeons at miVIP

At miVIP, our accomplished surgeons have a genuine concern for the wellbeing of each patient. As experts in the field of robotic-assisted technology, our surgeons have the experience necessary to create successful outcomes for our patients. The surgeons at miVIP Surgery Clinics are part of an elite group of surgeons world-wide that have been trained to use this innovative technology.

What to Expect After Lymph Node Surgery

After having lymph node surgery with da Vinci technology, most patients will enjoy a quicker recovery time when compared to a traditional thoracotomy. Da Vinci technology has several other benefits, including:

  • Smaller incisions lead to less scarring
  • Less tissue damage means faster healing
  • Decreased risk of infection
  • Less pain associated with the procedure

Our minimally invasive lymph node procedures mean less time recovering in the hospital and more time resting at home.

Cost of Lymph Node Surgery

All of our miVIP Surgery Centers accept a wide variety of medical insurance plans, including most POS and PPO plans. Our competent patient care representatives will call your insurance company directly to organize your surgical procedure. Not only will they find out your estimated out-of-pocket costs for the procedure, but they will also help to create a manageable financial plan if needed. We have the resources necessary to help you plan for your surgical procedure.

More Information About Lymph Node Surgery

In today’s medical community, lymph node surgery with da Vinci technology has been acknowledged as one of the best ways to diagnose cancer. Since the entire node is removed during the process, the cancer is also removed, preventing the cancer from spreading further.

Find Out More

You may have questions regarding lymph node surgery with da Vinci technology. Contact miVIP at 877-956-2263, and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer them for you. We can also help you to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation. Our acclaimed physicians at miVIP can determine whether or not this minimally invasive procedure is a good option for you.

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