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About Spinal Fusion

Spinal Fusion May Offer Relief From Your Back Pain

When two vertebrae are fused to each other in an effort to stabilize the area, the process is called spinal fusion. This minimally invasive spinal surgery may be able to relieve some of the discomfort caused by disc problems and spinal fractures. Here at miVIP, our renowned surgeons utilize minimally invasive surgical procedures to relieve back pain and help many patients experience a higher quality of life.

Modern medical technology has made it possible for miVIP surgeons to perform minimally invasive surgery with the help of specialized tools. Thanks to these tools and carefully selected prescription medications, many patients can recover from spinal surgery with minimal pain and complications.

How the Surgery Is Performed

Before the surgery is performed, patients are placed under anesthesia to ensure their comfort during the procedure. Small incisions are then made along the spine to give the surgeon access to the area. A small camera called an endoscope is inserted into the surgical area along with specialized tools that the surgeon utilizes to perform the minimally invasive spinal surgery.

When spinal fusion is performed, a special type of graft material is placed along the bones in order to prevent them from slipping and to offer support. The grafting material may be made from actual bone tissue or from bone substitutes. Titanium screws and rods may be utilized to further support the bones.

The Surgeons at miVIP

The surgeons at miVIP are experts in their fields and have undergone rigorous training in minimally invasive spinal surgery techniques and procedures. Our qualified surgeons utilize advanced surgical techniques in an effort to alleviate pain and deliver successful spinal fusion outcomes to patients.

What to Expect After Your Surgery

Every spinal surgery takes time to heal, and you will need to participate in a physical therapy and rehabilitation program in order to recover more quickly and return to your normal daily activities. Patients who receive any type of minimally invasive spinal surgery should expect to feel some pain and discomfort while the spinal fusion heals. Prescription medications will help you to deal with the pain and should be taken under the direction of your surgeon.

Cost of the Procedure

Before scheduling your spinal surgery, it is imperative that you call your insurance provider and find out if the surgery is covered under your health insurance policy. Even if your insurance plan covers part of the procedure, you may still be required to pay a portion of the expense out-of-pocket.

Long Term Prognosis

Some patients may need additional spinal surgeries in order to manage their spinal pain, or they may require spinal fusion of more than two vertebrae. However, many patients experience a significant or total reduction in their spinal pain after undergoing minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Additional Information

Helpful representatives of miVIP are always available to answer any questions you may have about spinal surgery. To schedule a consultation today, call us at 877.956.2263.

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