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When the sciatic nerve becomes damaged due to excessive pressure, it can cause mild to severe pain in the hips, buttock area, and legs. If this pain becomes consistent and very severe, it may be due to a condition called sciatica. The back pain specialists at miVIP are very familiar with sciatica symptoms and can examine you to determine if you have developed the condition.

Sciatica is usually caused by a herniated disc or bone spur in the spine that presses against part of the sciatic nerve. This pressure may cause inflammation, pain, and a numb sensation in one or both legs. The qualified surgeons at miVIP are experienced in treating mild to severe sciatica with minimally invasive methods.

Who Is at Risk?

Nearly ten percent of the US population may be affected by sciatica, although many of them may not report or seek treatment for their symptoms due to their mildness. Sciatica may affect any person regardless of their age, but it most commonly affects individuals who are between 25 and 45 years of age. If you start to develop sciatica symptoms, our back pain specialists can help you understand your available treatment options.

Causes of Sciatica

Sciatica is commonly caused by:

  • Injury: Accidents, falls, and other injuries may contribute to the development of sciatica.
  • Herniated disc: When one of the spinal discs becomes damaged or leaks fluid, it may put pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  • Bone spur: If a bone spur presses on the sciatic nerve it can lead to sciatica.

Common Symptoms of Sciatica

Some of the most common sciatica symptoms include:

  • Pain that begins in the lower back and radiates down the buttock and the back of one or both legs
  • Discomfort in areas lining the sciatic nerve
  • Painful shocks along the sciatic nerve pathway during certain movements

Sciatica Treatment Options

Our back pain specialists offer minimally invasive treatment options for individuals with severe pain from sciatica. Treatment options include:

  • Physical therapy: Carefully selected stretches and exercises may help to reduce pain.
  • Medication: Prescription medication can offer various levels of pain management.
  • Surgery: Minimally-invasive surgical procedures, such as a spinal discectomy, conducted by the well-trained surgeons at miVIP may offer long-term pain solutions for those with sciatica.

Long Term Prognosis

Sciatica can be an excruciating and debilitating condition, but minimally invasive spinal surgery provides long-term relief for many patients. The surgical procedures offered by top-tier surgeons at miVIP cause less scarring, less pain, and a quicker recovery time than more traditional and invasive surgery.

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