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Laminectomy Procedure

Safe and Effective Spinal Stenosis Pain Relief

When the nerves in the spinal column become compressed, it can lead to a painful and debilitating condition called spinal stenosis. Here at miVIP Surgery Centers, our experienced surgeons specialize in treating this condition with a minimally invasive spine surgery procedure called laminectomy.

The purpose of this minimally invasive surgery is to relieve pressure on the spinal nerve in order to reduce or eliminate chronic pain and immobility so that the patient can enjoy a higher quality of life. In most cases, no hospital stay is required following surgery and most patients can resume normal activity very quickly.

How the Surgery is Performed

Each vertebra has a section of bone called the lamina that presses against the nerves during spinal stenosis and causes pain. When a laminectomy is performed, all or part of the lamina is removed in order to relieve pressure on the spinal nerves and ease chronic back pain.

Here at miVIP, our minimally invasive surgical techniques cause minimal damage to the tissues of the back and facilitate a less painful and more rapid post-operative recovery. During the procedure, a tiny incision is made over the affected area and a tiny tube is inserted through the incision. Qualified surgeons pass specialized instruments through the tube in order to gain access to the surgery site and remove the parts of the lamina that are putting pressure on the spinal nerve. As with any minimally invasive spine surgery, there is a risk of developing an infection or bleeding excessively following surgery, but the risk is smaller than it would be if the patient chose to undergo more invasive surgical procedures.

The Surgeons at miVIP

Some of the most experienced and highly-qualified surgeons provide laminectomy procedures at miVIP. Our surgeons undergo rigorous training and use only the most current and safe procedures in an effort to eliminate back pain caused by spinal stenosis. If you are interested in receiving minimally invasive spine surgery to alleviate your chronic back pain, you can put your trust in the qualified hands of our dedicated surgeons.

What to Expect After the Procedure

Although miVIP utilizes minimally invasive surgical techniques, there is still a level of risk associated with the laminectomy procedure. However, most patients do not experience any major complications during or after their surgery. Pain medications can make recovery less painful, and physical therapy can help patients regain mobility and decrease their long-term pain. Some patients may need to receive additional spinal surgeries in order to fully correct their spinal stenosis, but for many patients one minimally invasive spine surgery is all they require to significantly reduce or even eliminate their spinal pain.

Cost of the Procedure

The amount you pay for a laminectomy depends on the type of health insurance you have. Before undergoing any type of spine surgery, you should talk to your health insurance provider and find out how much of the procedure will be covered. Patients are responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses and deductibles related to their procedure. Our friendly representatives can help you come up with a financial plan to ensure that your minimally invasive spine surgery costs are covered.

Long Term Prognosis

While every patient has a different experience in the months following their surgery, many patients experience a significant, long-term decrease in pain. For some patients, receiving a laminectomy can be a life-changing experience.

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