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Medical Solutions for Your Sleep Disorder

Start Getting Back to a Beautiful Night’s Rest

When you have sleep apnea, there is no such thing as a good night’s rest. No matter how long you sleep, chances are you’re still tired all day. Unfortunately, feeling fatigued is only one of many health problems that can stem from sleeping disorders. Here at miVIP, we understand—and are committed to offering you a wide range of medical solutions for sleep apnea and snoring solutions. Treatment options may include:

  • Sleep studies
  • Dental solutions
  • Continuous positive airway pressure treatment (CPAP)
  • Surgery

Details About Treatment Options

During a sleep study, trained technicians monitor your breathing patterns and other behaviors while you are asleep. After analyzing the results of the study, your miVIP sleep specialist can make further recommendations for treatment. Next, a CPAP is an extremely common treatment for snoring solutions and sleep problems. The device keeps a steady stream of air blowing through a tube that connects to a mask you wear over your face while asleep. Third, if you’ve already tried sleep studies, CPAPs, and other medical solutions for sleep apnea without success, have you considered a dental device? They are designed to correct or realign the position of your jaw or tongue, which in turn helps with breathing.

Finally, if you have tried everything else without success, it may be time to start considering surgery. Typically, the surgeries involve removing excess tissue from your throat. Surgery may be utilized independently, or jointly with other nonsurgical options.

What to Expect After Surgery

Should your miVIP doctor decide surgery is the best solution, your recovery time should be minimal. You should not work for about two weeks, and your throat will be sore from the procedure. This pain is temporary and will fade quickly.


If your insurance carrier does not cover these sleeping disorder treatments, miVIP would be happy to arrange an extended repayment plan that fits your budget. Nobody should have to suffer from sleep apnea due to lack of insurance coverage.

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