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Sleep Disorders: Dental Solutions

Solving Sleep Apnea Problems with Custom Dental Devices

A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is typically one of the only sleep apnea treatments offered to patients suffering from a sleep disorder. Unfortunately, a CPAP often does not cure the sleep apnea; in some cases, your sleep may actually worsen from using one. You may wish to consider a different approach—custom fitted dental solutions from miVIP.

Examples of dental devices for sleep apnea treatments include a tongue retainer or a mandibular repositioning device. Both are designed to fit perfectly inside your mouth, and can often be adjusted more easily than a CPAP.

A Dental Device Designed Just For You

A mouth exam will be conducted during your appointment with a miVIP dental practitioner, which will determine which options would best suit your needs. Some examples of dental solutions include:

  • Dorsal
  • Full Breath
  • Sleep Well

Next, a specific mold will be made for your dental device. It is designed to fit your mouth exactly, but you will need to have the device properly fitted by a miVIP physician.

miVIP Dental Practitioners: The Best of the Best

At miVIP, we only employ the absolute best dental practitioners available. This will make the process of creating and fitting your dental device smoother, easier, and most importantly—more effective.

After Receiving Your Device

You may need a bit of time to adjust to your new dental device. It is important to notify your miVIP physician if you feel the device has stopped fitting as well as it originally did in the office.

Paying for Dental Devices

Concerned about how to pay for dental solutions? Don’t worry. Many health insurance carriers will pay for the device, or at least cover part of it. If not, miVIP can work with you to customize a payment plan that will fit within your budget.

Your Sleep is Too Important – Take Action Today

Remember how great it used to feel to wake in the morning from a deep night’s sleep, fully rested and ready to take the world on? With a sleep disorders dental solution, this can finally be achieved. To learn more about sleep apnea treatments, call miVIP Las Vegas at 877-956-2263.

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