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Hammer Toe Surgery

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For people who are afflicted with hammer toe, a condition in which a toe curls down at the middle joint and becomes difficult to move, simple everyday activities such as walking can become painful. In many cases, hammer toe surgery may be the only way to relieve the frequent and intense pain that the condition causes. At miVIP, our podiatry specialists have various minimally invasive ways of correcting hammer toe so that you can return to a pain-free, mobile lifestyle.

Sometimes, hammer toe may be treated through noninvasive means such as stretching, using splints, and changing footwear. However, in many cases, the affected toe may become permanently curled downward, making surgical intervention necessary. The surgeons at miVIP can determine the method of treatment that will be least invasive yet most effective in getting you back on your feet.

What Does Hammertoe Surgery Involve?

Hammer toe surgery corrects the condition that is causing the toe to curl, allowing the toe to resume its usual straight position. Depending on the severity of the condition and other factors, the specialists at miVIP may do any of the following during surgery:

  • Release the tendons that are causing the toe to curl
  • Remove part of the toe bone
  • Remove part of the afflicted joint to allow the remaining bones to fuse
  • Place pins to guarantee that the toe heals in a straight position

Regardless of the specifics, miVIP's hammer toe surgery only requires a local anesthetic. This means that the procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis, with patients being sent home the same day.

miVIP’s Hammertoe Surgery Specialists

At miVIP Surgery Centers, all surgeons are Board Certified specialists with extensive relevant experience and strong reputations in their respective fields. From the first consultation to the recovery period after the surgery, you will feel confident that you made the right decision in choosing miVIP for hammer toe treatment.

Recovering from Hammertoe Surgery

After hammer toe surgery, a few small lifestyle changes are necessary to ensure optimal results. During the weeks after surgery, you will be asked to:

  • Keep your bandages clean and dry
  • Consider wearing special shoes to protect the toe
  • Avoid placing your full weight on the foot
  • Rest and ice the foot, especially if swelling is occurring
  • Be alert to excessive pain or swelling, which could indicate complications

Expenses of the Procedure

Insurance coverage for hammer toe surgery varies between providers. If the surgery is performed purely for cosmetic reasons, insurance will typically not cover any of the cost. However, if the goal of the surgery is relieving pain, your provider may cover a portion of the expenses. It is essential that you verify coverage prior to your procedure and, if necessary, speak with an miVIP patient advocate about options for financing the remaining cost of the procedure.

Long Term Prognosis

Surgery can be highly effective at correcting hammer toe, but surgery alone cannot guarantee that the condition will never develop again. Often, lifestyle changes such as avoiding restrictive footwear can make a significant difference in ensuring that the condition does not come back. Before you are sent home, your miVIP surgeon will advise you on ways to reduce your likelihood of suffering from hammer toe again in the future.

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