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Epidural Injections

Minimally Invasive Procedure Offers Maximum Back Pain Relief

The Mayo Clinic reports that 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain during some part of their lives. Those who are in this portion of the population know just how difficult it can be to live and cope with back pain. Sitting in a chair for extended periods of time can aggravate the problem, but getting up and moving around can be equally painful. Many people turn to prescription pain killers to find relief; the benefits are often short-term, however. Sooner or later they begin looking for longer lasting pain relief options. This is when the pain management specialists at miVIP can help.

The Las Vegas miVIP Surgery Center is equipped with state-of-the art tools and technologies to help our patients find freedom from the chronic pain that has held them hostage for so long. We offer a number of minimally invasive pain management procedures that can eliminate neck or back pain, including spinal epidurals, in a sterile environment.

The Basics of Epidural Injections

Epidural injections are a very effective method for controlling chronic pain associated with chronic conditions such as:

  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated discs
  • Sports injuries
  • Degenerative disc disease

While the thought of receiving a spinal epidural might sound painful, it typically is not. The physician cleans and numbs the injection site prior to administering the injection. Once the injection site is numb, the physician uses a fluoroscope—which is essentially an x-ray video—to guide the needle between the spine and the spinal cord. When the needle is in place, the physician injects a solution containing a nerve-blocking steroid medication into the area. Most patients experience several weeks of pain relief after receiving a steroid injection.

miVIP Doctors Make the Difference

There are any number of physicians or chiropractors that claim they can help reduce chronic pain. Diagnosing and treating such conditions can be difficult, however, because there is not always an exact cause of the pain. The miVIP team is committed to patient-centered care and is considered specialists in pain management. They will provide you with unparalleled comfort and care.

Possible Side Effects of Spinal Epidural

Epidural injections are short, outpatient procedures. Still, patients often experience mild redness and soreness at the injection site. Discomfort can be reduced by applying ice to the area and resting after the procedure. Occasionally, patients may experience dizziness, headaches, nausea and vomiting. It is important to contact your physician if you experience any abnormal side effects.

An Affordable Pain Relief Option

The exact cost of a spinal epidural varies based on factors such as the amount of medication that is administered as well as a patient’s insurance coverage, but it is still one of the most affordable pain relief options. It is typically a good idea to have one of our patient advocates verify your benefits so that you know exactly what out-of-pocket expenses you will incur. This will help you budget accordingly and possibly use a health savings account to pay for the procedure with tax-free dollars.

Duration of Pain Relief

Steroid injections are not a permanent solution for chronic back pain, but they typically offer extended relief. The steroid medication can block nerve pain anywhere from a few days to up to a year depending on the patient. Most people enjoy several weeks without pain after having an epidural injection.

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Don’t let back pain stop you from living your life. Epidural injections are a minimally invasive, cost effective solution that will maximize your back pain relief. Contact the miVIP Las Vegas specialists at 877-956-2263 to see if you are a viable candidate for a spinal epidural.

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