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Torn Tendon

Know Your Options for Treating This Painful Condition

Inside each of your joints are tendons, which are fibrous tissues that attach your muscles to the bones. These extremely tough tissues are responsible for helping your joints move. That means they have to be able to withstand tension to both support and lift your muscles. Strong as they may be, they are still subject to injury, which is where our orthopedic doctors at miVIP Las Vegas can step in and help.

If you are a candidate for torn tendon surgery, you have probably experienced a great deal of pain. You may have even injured it doing something you love, such as playing sports. Fortunately, there are minimally invasive options for treating your condition.

By the Numbers

Perhaps the tendon most people are familiar with is the Achilles tendon, which runs along the back of your heel. More than 200,000 people suffer an injury to the Achilles every year, many of those stemming from an incident while playing sports. While the Achilles may be the most well-known, there are many other areas where you risk tearing or rupturing a tendon.

Common Causes

Because your tendons are worked the hardest during physical activity, playing sports or engaging in other exercise is the most common cause leading to torn tendon surgery. This can happen due to:

  • Improper stretching
  • Overuse of the joint
  • Too much exercise too soon after an injury or when an individual is not prepared

There are other causes that lead to an injury, such as wearing high heels which puts strain on the Achilles. Certain professions also put an individual at risk for tearing a tendon, such as construction and food service.

Symptoms of a Torn Tendon

You may need to visit with one of our orthopedic doctors if you experience:

  • Bruising around the joint
  • A weakness in the affected joint
  • Pain or swelling
  • Restricted movement
  • The sound of a pop or a snap

Injuries to the tendon include a tear or a simple rupture. If you rupture it, you may still be able to utilize the joint, though you might experience a tingling or a numbness.

Treatment Options

You may be able to treat your injury though using noninvasive measures, such as ice, rest and anti-inflammatory medication. If your symptoms are not responding to these treatments, however, you may need to have ACL repair surgery or another type of torn tendon surgery.

At miVIP, our orthopedic doctors perform minimally invasive methods of repairing your injury. This means that we use very small incisions, which benefits the patient because:

  • The scarring is less visible
  • You are at a lower risk of bleeding or infection
  • Your recovery time is often quicker than if you opt for an open surgery

You might have to wear a cast to keep the joint stable as it heals.

Long-Term Prognosis

Most patients enjoy a complete recovery after having torn tendon surgery. The process may take several months, but that does not mean you will lose functionality of the joint for that length of time. Your physician will likely recommend several physical therapy exercises to help strengthen the joint as well as aid in the healing process.

Patients who follow doctors’ instructions often are able to return to their regular physical activity within a few months of the surgery. It will be important to take the proper precautions to avoid re-injuring the tendon.

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