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Nerve Decompression Surgery

Relieve Sharp, Shooting Pain Instantly

If you have a pinched nerve, then you know all too well the intense, shooting pain that causes you incredible discomfort every day. You may have noticed symptoms such as:

  • Sharp pains
  • Numbness
  • Tingling

A compressed nerve is a common injury and can happen in a number of places on your body. Typically, these injuries pop up in areas where nerves are forced to pass through narrow spaces. Some of the most common conditions include:

  • Tennis elbow: When you overuse your arm, it can become inflamed and the nerves are compressed around the elbow.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: If you often use your hands to type or for other work, you might be susceptible to compressing the nerve the runs from your wrist to your hand.
  • Peripheral neuropathy: Many people with diabetes have this condition, which affects the nerves in the feet.

Our skillful surgeons at miVIP Las Vegas offer nerve decompression surgery to help alleviate your symptoms.

How Does It Work?

After determining that traditional pain relief methods are not working, your physician may recommend you have nerve decompression surgery. During this process, you will likely only need a local anesthetic, though some patients may be placed under general anesthesia if it is merited. To get a closer look the nerve, your surgeon will insert a very small arthroscopic camera through small incisions.

Your doctor can then cut any tendons that are placing pressure on the nerve to provide you relief. You may need only surgical tape to close the incisions, though sometimes a few stitches are necessary.

Our Surgeons at miVIP

Our team consists of world-class physicians, each of them board certified with extensive experience in procedures such as nerve decompression surgery. When you opt to have your operation at miVIP, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Your Recovery

After your procedure, you will notice that you have greatly reduced symptoms of tingling, numbness and the sharp, shooting pain often associated with nerve decompression. Because the surgery is minimally invasive, you are at a low risk of bleeding or contracting an infection. Your physician may suggest doing some physical therapy exercises in order to maximize your healing and recovery.

Cost of Surgery

If you have questions about how much your nerve decompression surgery will cost, please feel free to contact one of our representatives. At miVIP, we do accept most forms of PPO and POS insurance, which will largely determine any out of pocket costs you may have.

Other Important Information

It is always important to monitor your recovery closely and keep in touch with your doctor. Make sure to attend any follow-up appointments so your miVIP surgeon can assess your progress and make any changes that are necessary. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, such as bleeding or a fever, it is important to let your doctor know right away. Our nerve decompression surgery is minimally invasive and therefore results in few complications, and we want to ensure your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to eliminate the pain and discomfort you have been feeling? Our team at miVIP can help through nerve decompression. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation visit with one of our physicians and we can get you on the road to recovery: 877.956.2263.

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