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ACL Repair Surgery

Regain Your Strength and Stability

There are four ligaments in and around your knee joint. These include:

  • The anterior cruciate ligament (ALC)
  • The posterior cruciate ligament (PCL)
  • The lateral collateral ligament (LCL)
  • The medical collateral ligament (MCL)

If you are familiar at all with athletics, odds are you have heard about someone tearing his or her ACL. This ligament is responsible for providing your knee stability and the reason basketball players are able to pivot. When something goes wrong with your ACL, your only participation in sports will be cheering from the sideline. That’s where our team at miVIP Las Vegas comes in.

We specialize in ACL repair surgery, a procedure that more than 100,000 people are in need of every year. While it is a common injury, it is not always immediately identifiable. Most people who suffer the injury report symptoms such as:

  • Hearing a “pop”
  • Having pain or swelling around the knee
  • Tenderness in knee
  • Losing stability

Surgery Details

To determine if you are a candidate for ACL repair surgery, a physician will do an X-ray or an MRI of your joint. Once you have the diagnosis, one of our surgeons will perform a minimally invasive procedure to reconstruct your ACL. During this outpatient procedure, you will be placed under general anesthesia so you will not feel any pain. Using very small incisions, the doctor will place a small camera – known as an arthroscope – inside your knee. Using a graft from another tendon, your ligament can be repaired.

Smaller incisions mean a quicker recovery time for you as well as a decreased risk for infection. Additionally, while the surgeon is inside your knee, he or she may be able to remove any other damaged tissue to prevent further issues from occurring.

The Surgeons at miVIP

When it comes to ACL repair surgery, our physicians are industry leaders. They are all board certified and have extensive experience repairing and reconstructing knee joints. Our patients enjoy working one-on-one with our world-class staff and take comfort knowing they are in good hands.

What to Expect After Your Procedure

As with any procedure, there will be some down time after your ACL repair. Your physician will recommend doing physical therapy, which will entail certain exercises to strengthen your new ligament and the muscles surrounding your knee. Engaging in your therapy as recommended can help reduce your recovery time.

Most patients are able to resume light activities within just a few days of the surgery. Returning to sports activities or other rigorous exercise may take a little longer, but generally the recovery period only lasts about six weeks.

Cost of Your Surgery

We accept most forms of insurance, and your policy will largely dictate what your out of pocket expenses will be. You can always call one of our representatives to discuss your policy and any costs for which you may be responsible.

Other Important Information

It is imperative that patients monitor their recovery closely. Because miVIP ACL repair surgery is minimally invasive, side effects are rare. However, patients should always alert their physician if they notice anything out of the ordinary.

Contact miVIP

If you are ready to regain your strength and stability, contact our team at miVIP. We can help you regain your range of motion and get you back on your feet again through ACL repair surgery. Call us today at 877.956.2263.

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