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Physician Offices in Las Vegas, Nevada

Patients in and around Las Vegas can experience the cutting edge technology and personalized care that they deserve at a conveniently located miVIP Las Vegas Clinic location. Our minimally invasive procedures are actually done in the physician offices, giving patients the easiest and most worry-free surgeries available.

We have two miVIP Nevada locations in Las Vegas in order to provide the most convenient care for you. Whether you need spinal surgery, bariatric, or a gynecology consultation, visit one of our physician offices at:

miVIP Clinic – 3530 E. Flamingo Rd. Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV 89121

miVIP Surgery Center – 3560 East Flamingo Rd. Suite 105, Las Vegas. NV 89121

Our Commitment

No matter which miVIP Las Vegas Clinic location you choose, you will always receive the best care, because that is our commitment to you. We want each patient to have the best experience possible, which is accomplished by our focus on:

  • Patient and Facility Safety – We provide a safe environment at each of our miVIP Nevada locations. In addition, we select our patients through a thorough consultation to ensure that the procedures we have to offer are safe for their level of health and well being. During surgery, we provide additional safety with special attention to detail and patient health.
  • Proper Staffing – The surgeons and other professionals that we employ have had the education, training, and experience needed to perform at the top of the industry.
  • High Standards – We not only meet, but we exceed all standards set for medical and surgical facilities in the state of Nevada.
  • Technological Advancement – We follow the advances in medical technology and strive to bring our patients the most technologically advanced procedures available to ensure fewer traumas and more accuracy.

Find a Center Near You Today

To find out which physician offices to go to receive your consultation, or to schedule a minimally invasive procedure today at one of our miVIP Nevada locations, contact us at 877.956.2263. Let us help to direct you to the miVIP Las Vegas Clinic location that can benefit you the most.

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