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Arthritis Injury

An Ageless Condition

When you think about arthritis, you probably think of the aches and pains brought on by age. You’d be correct most of the time, given that the most common forms of this disease are often associated with age. Yet that’s not to say that if you’re still in your younger years, you’re immune from this condition. Traumatic injuries to any of your joints could spurn the development of arthritis. Luckily for you, miVIP Las Vegas is here to help you deal with the symptoms of an arthritis injury.

This form of the disease, called “post-traumatic arthritis,” can be prevented by avoiding injury. However, once you’ve sustained an injury to your joints, there’s not much than can be done to avoid it from setting in those who it will affect. While any joint injury increases the chances of developing it, certain people may be more likely to develop it due to their genetic history or other medical issues.

Arthritis Injury Statistics

Post-traumatic arthritis affects over 5 million people in the U.S., accounting for 12% of all of the diagnosed cases of osteoarthritis of the knees, hips, and ankles. Surgical repair of the joint after the injury can help to mitigate its affects if and when it does develop, as can maintaining a healthy weight.

What Causes it?

Any traumatic injury to the joints can case post-traumatic arthritis, such as those sustained from:

  • Falls
  • Sports
  • Car accidents

These injuries cause damage to the cartilage and/or bones, altering the operational mechanics of the joint and causing it to deteriorate more quickly.

Signs and Symptoms

Indicators that you may be suffering from an arthritis injury include pain, swelling, and fluid acclimation in the joint. You may also notice that your body has a decreased tolerance for playing sports, climbing, or even walking. Each if these activities stresses the damaged joint even further, accelerating the deterioration of its internal structure.

Treatment Options

An arthritis injury can be treated by a number of different methods. You should discuss with your primary care doctor which would work best for you given the nature of your injury and your medical history.

  • Non-surgical treatment: Initial treatments are designed to manage your pain while avoiding surgery. They include weight loss, exercise aimed at strengthening the joint, or the use of anti-inflammatory or pain medications.
  • Surgical intervention: When non-surgical methods fail to help you deal with the symptoms, corrective surgery may be recommended. At miVIP, our surgeons can try to restore or replace certain parts of the joint through reconstructive arthroplasty. If it’s needed, we also offer total joint replacement surgery.

The Prognosis

While we’ve yet to discover a cure for arthritis, you still can live relatively pain-free following an arthritis injury. Eating a healthy diet, controlling your weight, and following the advice of your doctor will help. Surgical treatment such as a reconstructive arthroplasty can also help to ease the pain associated with this condition.

Trust miVIP

The team of world-class orthopedic surgeons here at miVIP Las Vegas can help you manage your post-traumatic arthritis. We’ll get you back to enjoying a pain-free life in no time. Call us today at 877-956-2263 to set up an initial consultation.

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