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Stress incontinence, vaginal pressure and pain during intercourse are daily facts of life for many women. Here at miVIP Las Vegas, we are committed to women’s health. We search for ways to improve the lives of women everywhere, and offer anterior wall repair of the vagina to restore comfort and function to the most personal parts of your body.

When either the bladder or the urethra sinks into the vagina, the vaginal wall may bulge and create pain or discomfort during even the smallest activities. An anterior repair of the vagina may be performed to repair the symptoms of bladder prolapse cystocele and allow you to lead a full and fulfilling life once again.

Anterior Wall Repair from miVIP

During the surgery, you will either be put under general anesthesia or a spinal anesthetic will be used to ensure that you don’t feel any pain. The area is repaired by moving the bladder back to its former position while the vaginal wall may be cut away or folded. Your surgeon puts stitches holding the bladder and the vagina together to ensure that the vaginal wall remains firm and strong after your procedure and you don’t experience bladder prolapse cystocele symptoms again.

Our surgeons may choose to use a synthetic material between the bladder and the vagina, or may have to place stitches around the area where the pelvis connects with the vagina. Some surgeries require a horizontal or vertical incision on the stomach, but each patient is different. Your surgeon can discuss the specifics of your anterior repair with you before it is performed.

World Class Care from the Best

The surgeons at miVIP Las Vegas are world class and highly trained. Our surgeons are the best in the world and understand the importance of women’s health. Every surgeon is trained and educated on cutting edge techniques and tools for gynecologic procedures, and our support staff and nurses bring a level of unparalleled expertise and service. We do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the best possible care for your condition.

After Your Anterior Wall Repair

After the surgery, your doctor may put you on a special liquid diet to minimize the chances of complications. Once regular bowel movements have resumed, you can then return to your regular diet and function.

In order to drain your urine and minimize discomfort, you’ll also have a catheter for 1-2 days after the procedure.

Discuss Costs with Our Patient Advocates

All insurance policies are different, and we are happy to discuss your coverage options with you any time before your surgery is performed. It’s recommended that you speak both with our patient advocates and your insurance company to determine what costs you are expected to cover from your procedure.

Long Term Prognosis after Anterior Wall Repair

After an anterior repair, most patients report no recurring bladder prolapse cystocele symptoms. With treatment from miVIP, you can feel confident that your pain and discomfort will disappear for years to come.

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If you’re tired of living half a life and want to return to a happier version of yourself, contact us today at 877-956-2263 to discuss treatment options. miVIP offers the best in women’s health care for a variety of conditions.

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