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Ventral Hernia Repair

Successfully Treating a Ventral Hernia

A hernia is what happens when an organ pushes its way into an area it is not meant to be in. A ventral hernia typically occurs when the abdominal wall is weakened, sometimes as a result of previous surgeries. Ventral hernia surgery is offered as a minimally invasive surgery solution for this condition at miVIP Surgical Clinics.

It is a good idea for patients to have ventral hernia repair before more serious complications, such as tissue strangulation, have a chance to develop. In some instances, herniated organs can become cut off from blood, resulting in infection or even tissue death. By trusting the experts at miVIP, your ventral hernia can be repaired and the weakened abdominal wall can be reinforced to prevent it from returning again.

How Ventral Hernia Repair Works

Ventral hernia surgery is most effective when it is as minimally invasive as possible. Since many ventral hernias are a direct result of damaging or invasive surgery procedures, it makes sense to choose the process that requires the smallest incisions. The miVIP process of ventral hernia repair is as follows:

  • The patient is given a general anesthesia
  • A surgeon makes a tiny incision beside the hernia
  • The herniated tissues are moved back into place
  • Repairs are made to weakened muscles or surrounding tissues
  • A wire mesh or suture may be used to reinforce the abdominal wall

Trust Our miVIP Surgeons

One of the reasons miVIP ventral hernia repair is so successful is because of the expertise of our surgeons. We only hire the best minds so that each procedure is performed with precision. Our patients know that we can provide results because of the quality of our surgical staff.

What You can Expect After Ventral Hernia Surgery

Directly after surgery, patients are monitored to detect any immediate complications. After being observed, patients are released to recover in the comfort of their own homes. It is common to feel some pain, but pain medication may only be necessary for the first few days of recovery. It is essential that patients avoid heavy lifting or strenuous exercise so that the surgery site can heal completely. Most patients can participative in normal or strenuous activities within a month of surgery.


The total cost of ventral hernia surgery may be different for every patient because of varying health insurance plans. To pay for the balance, a prospective patient can arrange for an affordable monthly payment plan by speaking with one of our representatives.

Long Term Prognosis

This surgery has a high success rate and can preventing ventral hernias from returning. Long term success is more likely when patients follow their doctor’s instructions as closely as possible.

Schedule Your Appointment

To schedule a consultation with a miVIP surgeon, call 877-956-2263. With the help of minimally invasive surgery, you can be free of the pain and discomfort of a ventral hernia.

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