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Umbilical Hernia Repair

At miVIP Surgery Centers, our doctors are committed to providing minimally invasive surgery options in a variety of practice areas. Umbilical hernia repair is one such procedure, and it can correct complications associated with tissues, fluids, or fats protruding into the navel.

Umbilical hernias are most often seen in infants, but can occur in some adults as well. Most children with umbilical hernias do not need surgery because the condition corrects itself over time. However, if a child is three or older or if an adult develops hernia issues surgery may be required. Choosing miVIP hernia specialists to perform this surgery allows for a patient’s recovery time to be as swift as possible.

The Hernia Surgery Process

Unlike open surgery, umbilical hernia repair offered at miVIP Surgery Centers requires only a small incision. The steps a doctor will follow to complete the surgery include:

  • Administering general anesthesia
  • Making one precise cut on the abdomen near the hernia
  • Pushing the herniated materials back into place
  • Suturing any torn muscles or tissues
  • Adding additional stitching or mesh as required
  • Closing the incision site with sutures

Our Professional and Experienced Surgeons

Our qualified surgeons are hernia specialists that can perform the most delicate repairs.

Finding surgeons who are experienced with hernias can give patients confidence, especially if surgery is being performed on a child. We have complete confidence in the abilities of our surgical staff and know that their excellent work will lead to faster post-op recovery.

What to Expect After Hernia Repair

Minimally invasive hernia repair is performed by miVIP Surgical Centers on an outpatient basis. Most people are able to leave within a few hours after the procedure. Directly after a hernia specialist has finished repairing a patient’s umbilical hernia:

  • The patient will be observed for negative post-operation side effects
  • After the vital signs stabilize, the patient is released
  • Most patients can return to work after only a few days
  • Slight discomfort or pain is common and many patients opt not to take pain medication
  • Two to four weeks are typically all the healing time needed before the patient can resume regular activities.

The Cost of Umbilical Hernia Repair

To help you determine the final cost of umbilical hernia repair, you will most likely want to speak with you health insurance provider and one of our payment representatives. Depending a patient’s deductible and coverage rates, the balance of the surgery’s cost will be different for every individual.

Living Hernia Free After Surgery

It is best to have umbilical hernias fixed before they have a chance to cause further pain or discomfort. We at miVIP provide the best treatment options and the most knowledgeable hernia specialists. Minimize the risks associated with hernia repair by choosing our surgical center.

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