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Da Vinci Multi-Port Cholecystectomy

Superior Technology for Removing a Gallbladder

In order to experience a faster recovery and fewer side effects after your gallbladder has been removed, schedule a da Vinci Multi-Port Cholecystectomy at the miVIP Surgery Clinic. When compared to traditional open surgery, robotic procedures are less invasive and allow your body to recover more quickly.

If your gallbladder is infected, diseased, or blocking your bile duct, your physician may recommend that you schedule a cholecystectomy to have it removed. The gallbladder is a small organ that is not required for normal bodily functions, which is why doctors frequently recommend its removal. It is best to choose robotic surgery to minimize bleeding and scarring.

What to Expect From This Surgery

When one undergoes a da Vinci Multi-Port Cholecystectomy:

  • A series of tiny incisions are made by the surgeon with the assistance of the da Vinci robot
  • Sterile plastic tubes are gently inserted into the newly created openings
  • The surgeon uses the tubes to move instruments and a camera easily into the body cavity
  • The surgeon navigates with the help of the camera and safely removes the gallbladder without damaging other tissues
  • The gallbladder is carefully cut into small pieces and removed via the plastic tubes
  • After removing the entire gallbladder, the small cuts are sewn up

Our Surgeons

At miVIP, we take great pride in our surgical staff and hire some of the best minds in the business. Each of our general surgery specialists is educated in gallbladder removal via traditional open surgery, minimally invasive cholecystectomy techniques, and the da Vinci Multi-Port Cholecystectomy.

With the help of our physicians, you can gain access to the information that is pertinent to your future surgery. Your personal preferences and needs are taken into account when you meet with a surgeon to discuss the best procedure for your circumstances.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Although a da Vinci Multi-Port Cholecystectomy is minimally invasive, there will still be a recovery period even though it will likely be substantially reduced. Experiencing some pain and tenderness around the surgery site is perfectly normal, and most patients are able to be released to recover at home shortly after the surgery is completed. Just like with any surgical procedure, there are risks. You should contact your doctor immediately if you experience sharp pain at your surgery site, severe diarrhea, vomiting, or bright red skin around your incisions.

Insurance and Payment Plans

The da Vinci Multi-Port Cholecystectomy costs approximately $5,500, but many insurance plans may cover at least part of the expense. Even if your insurance provider does not cover this procedure, you can discuss a payment plan that will work for your situation and income before receiving the surgery.

Life Without a Gallbladder

The long term prognosis of a Cholecystectomy is positive, with no permanent dietary restrictions or side effects. However, depending on why your gallbladder was removed, you may still develop stones in your bile duct months or years post-surgery. If this occurs, call your physician to discuss removing them.

Call a miVIP Surgery Center

You can learn more about this procedure or schedule a consultation at miVIP by calling 877-956-2263. Trust our expertise so that after your next surgical procedure will allow you to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

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