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Gallbladder Blockage

Problems Related to a Blocked Gallbladder

The gallbladder acts as a kind of way station for liver-produced bile. The gallbladder stores the bile until it is needed to digest food, and then releases it into the small intestine. The bile duct can become clogged, with gallbladder blockage preventing the proper secretion of bile.

In many of these instances, gallbladder removal surgery is recommended. If you have a blocked gallbladder, choose a miVIP surgeon to perform a minimally invasive cholecystectomy. The surgery itself has few possible complications and many patients are back on their feet only hours after it is completes. It only takes a few weeks to for the body to be strong enough to return to normal activities.

How Common is Gallbladder Blockage?

Gallbladder complaints are relatively common. It is estimated that 25 million residents of the United States suffer from gallbladder blockage with one million people newly diagnosed annually. The condition is easy to treat, but many people avoid gallbladder removal surgery because they think it will involve a long or painful recovery process. This is not the case with miVIP patients.

Risk Factors and Causes

The exact cause of gallbladder blockage is unknown, but there are several hypotheses:

  • High level of cholesterol in the bile – The body often has a difficult time breaking down cholesterol and excess amounts may form into hard stones in the gallbladder.
  • Bile is too saturated with bilirubin – a natural byproduct of haemoglobin, a chemical found in red blood cells, not to be confused with hemoglobin. High levels could cause gallstones.
  • The gallbladder’s inability to empty properly – Some researchers believe that conditions such as biliary dyskinesia may cause stones to form.

Noticing Symptoms

Gallstones do not always come with noticeable symptoms, but they can cause substantial discomfort when they begin to produce significant gallbladder blockage. Some common symptoms include:

  • Acute pain in the area of the gallbladder, the upper right side of the torso, that worsens quickly
  • Unexplained pain when using the right arm and shoulder
  • Localized pain under the right shoulder blade

Safely Treating Gallbladder Complaints

The miVIP Surgical Centers provide several high tech procedures to safely remove a blocked gallbladder.

Healthy Life Without a Gallbladder

Most patients get immediate relief from their symptoms after undergoing gallbladder removal surgery. There are no long-term diet restrictions or side effects as a result of removing the gallbladder, which is why gallbladder complaints are often treated with surgical removal.

Contact an miVIP Surgeon

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