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About Polyp Removal

Remove Polys and Certain Health Risks with miVIP

A colon polyp is a collection of cells in the inner lining of the colon. A majority of polyps are benign, but there is a chance that they can cause cancer. Statistics show that polyps are most often found in:

  • Individuals are over the age of 50
  • Smokers
  • Those who are overweight
  • Individuals who have a family history of colon cancer or polyps
  • Those who consume a low-fiber/high fat diet

In order to make sure that your lower gastrointestinal tract remains in good health, it is recommended that you have any and all polyps removed from your colon. Polyps removal can be done with a minimally invasive polypectomy by the experts a miVIP.


A normal cell will duplicate in a controlled manner while a mutated cell is uncontrolled and might create polyps that need to be taken care of with a minimally invasive polypectomy. Other factors that can contribute to you developing polyps are your race as well as any genetic mutations that you might have inherited.

Common Symptoms

Prevalent polyp symptoms include:

  • Painful Obstructions – Larger polyps can block your bowels, which leads to stomach cramping
  • Constipation or Diarrhea – Any alterations to the condition of your bowels can lead to diarrhea or constipation
  • Rectal Bleeding/Bloody Stools – Should you ever notice any blood in your stools or after a bowel movement, make sure that you bring it up with your doctor


miVIP offers several treatment options for polyps removal, including:

  • Colonoscopy – A special endoscopic technique is used to get rid of polyps during a colonoscopy, and tissue samples will also be taken during the procedure. If you are over the age of 50 or if you have a family history of cancer or polyps, we recommend that you have a colonoscopy
  • Minimally Invasive Polypectomy – If you have polyps that are cancerous, we can perform a polypectomy. The way we can tell whether the polyp is malignant or benign is to test a tissue sample. Polypectomies can also help prevent cancer from spreading throughout your body

Get in Touch With miVIP

Leading miVIP surgeons are here to fully answer any questions and address any concerns that you might have about polyps removal. If your doctor has recommended you be tested for polyps or that you have a minimally invasive polypectomy, call our expert team at 877-956-2263.

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