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Polypectomy Procedure

Removing Polyps Can Help Prevent the Possibility of Cancer

If it is ever discovered that you have growths of tissue, also known as polyps, on your gastrointestinal (GI) tract, you will want to have them taken care with a colonic polypectomy as soon as possible since they might be cancerous. miVIP colonic polypectomies are minimally invasive procedures, but they do require a great deal of preparation beforehand.

In order to tell whether or not the polyps are cancerous, a biopsy will need to be performed. Since there are no indications that you might have polyps, the only way to see if you do is through an examination of your colon. There is a chance that a large polyp can lead to rectal bleeding, irregular bowel movements and abdominal pain, which all require a polypectomy procedure to treat.

How the Surgery Is Performed

Cleansing solutions, laxatives and enemas will be used before your procedure in order to make sure that your colon is adequately cleared. In order to get rid of any polyps that you might have, there are two main colonic polypectomies that can be done:

  • Small polyps - Wire snares can be used for small polyps in a minimally invasive procedure
  • Large polyps - For polyps that are larger than ten millimeters in diameter, both wire snares and an electric current will be used in a minimally invasive procedure to remove them

In most cases, a polypectomy procedure will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. You might experience some discomfort as you are preparing for the procedure, but during the procedure you should not feel any pain. Since there will be air passing through your colon, there is a chance that you might experience some bloating, pressure or cramping.

Surgeons at Las Vegas miVIP

Before any colonic polypectomies that miVIP surgeons perform, they’ll be sure to answer your questions and discuss any concerns that you have. Each of our world class surgeons is highly experienced in their field and completely committed to patient satisfaction. By choosing miVIP and our surgeons, you can be sure that your polypectomy procedure will be done with top-quality medical equipment and cutting-edge techniques.

After Your Procedure

Your chances of experiencing any discomfort or pain during or after your procedure are extremely slight. As far as any risk or complications that you have to worry about from colonic polypectomies, there is a small chance that your colon might be perforated and that there could be some bleeding.

Procedure Cost

While it is always best to contact your insurance provider for benefits verification, chances are good that your polypectomy procedure will be fully taken care of if you have a POS or PPO insurance plan. Feel free to reach out to a Las Vegas miVIP patient advocate if you have any questions.

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