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Having a Hard Time Paying for Your Surgical Procedures?

miVIP Billing and Insurance Options Make it Easy

Too many individuals put off having surgery, and not because they are afraid of the actual procedure. In a hurting economy, patients often get so consumed with the cost of the procedures that they are afraid to go ahead with them and become healthier. At miVIP, we understand those concerns and do everything we can to provide you with billing and insurance options that will make your life a little easier. Our world-class surgeons will provide the best medical care, and our patient advocates will provide the best financial care.

An Entirely Personal Experience

When it comes to the minimally invasive procedures you have done, you always have the best experience at miVIP. From your initial call or visit to any follow-up visits, and everything in between, we ensure that all your questions are answered, and that your mind is set at ease. We have personal patient advocates for every individual we serve. They are trained and experienced to handle billing and insurance so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Some of the financial benefits that your advocate can help you with include:

  • Writing a medical necessity letter
  • Verifying insurance
  • Pre-authorizing insurance

What You can do Now

As with any type of medical visit, you should contact your insurance provider beforehand to find out what your deductible will be. You may have additional out-of-pocket expenses that you will be required to pay, and it is important that you understand what those are before your visit. If you have understood those aspects in the past, be sure that you double check to ensure that nothing has changed since your last visit.

We’ll Answer Your Questions Today

Billing and insurance isn’t always an easy topic to discuss, and could get a bit overwhelming leading up to surgery. If you have questions regarding payment options for an upcoming procedure, be sure to contact miVIP at 877.956.2263 and we’ll answer all your questions today.

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