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Sometimes people head into a surgery without knowing what to expect. Unfortunately, without properly preparing for and learning about your surgery, it can cause more stress. Learning all about your surgery is something that you should do in order to be better prepared and more relaxed. Preparation can begin many weeks before you actually head into the office and can include both mental and physical preparation. The following are some things that we recommend at miVIP Surgery Centers.

Before the Surgery

  1. Schedule a pre-operation consultation. Before your meeting, write down any and all questions or concerns that you have regarding the procedure, recovery, and side effects. Discuss those concerns with the surgeon so that you know exactly what to expect and so that you can mentally prepare for what is to come.
  2. Get in touch with someone you can trust to take you to the procedure, and pick you up afterwards. Call them the night before to confirm their commitment.
  3. Go to the grocery store, run errands, and complete any chores before the surgery that you will need to have done afterwards. This will give you time to recover without worrying about the little things in life, such as what you’re going to eat for dinner.
  4. Obtain any of the medications you will need before or after the procedure.
  5. Have everything ready the night before the surgery. Set your clothes out. Be sure you have all documentation in a purse or folder. Double check your appointment time.

The Day of Surgery

  1. Dress in casual and comfortable clothing and stay relaxed.
  2. Double check that you have a case to put your glasses, contacts, or jewelry in.
  3. Double check that you have your insurance card, driver’s license, and other documentation.
  4. Leave on time to arrive early.

When the surgery is over, be especially careful to take the proper medication, follow recovery instructions that were given to you by your physician, and take it easy.

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