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Foot and Ankle Surgery

Discover Surgical Solutions for Your Foot and Ankle Ailments

Considering the amount of work that your feet and ankles do to support you on a daily basis — not to mention the complexity of the bones, tendons, and ligaments in this part of the body — it is no surprise that foot and ankle problems are common and that their occurrence can be extremely painful. At miVIP Surgical Centers, we offer a number of foot and ankle surgery treatments to help patients who suffer from pain, immobility, and other complications that can result from foot and ankle injuries.

One specialty foot and ankle surgery that is performed at miVIP to relieve pain associated with various podiatry conditions is radiofrequency ablation. This minimally invasive procedure can help relieve nerve problems that cause feelings of pain in the feet, including pinched nerves, neuropathy, and plantar fasciitis.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Radiofrequency ablation procedures use radio waves to relieve nerve pain. During the minimally invasive version of the procedure performed to relieve foot and ankle pain, the surgeon inserts a small needle into the foot near the nerves that are responsible for the pain. The surgery is minimally invasive, so patients experience little discomfort during the procedure.

The needle emits radio waves that only reach the nearby nerves being targeted. These radio waves create intense heat that causes controlled damage to the nerves and disrupts nerve conduction. The patient does not perceive any heat or pain during the procedure, since the nerves are cauterized, but the procedure effectively relieves the pain associated with nerve problems by preventing the transmission of pain signals.

Top Surgeons That You Can Trust

The team at miVIP Surgery Centers consists only of the most qualified podiatric surgeons. Every one of our surgeons is Board Certified, and many members of the miVIP team are leaders in their fields who teach, guest lecture, and even perform surgeries at other top-ranked surgical centers. You can count on miVIP’s staff to provide a professional experience and optimal results following your foot and ankle surgery.

What to Expect Post-Procedure

In most cases, recovery after the radiofrequency ablation procedure is very straightforward. Patients typically do not have to spend any time off their feet or make significant adjustments to their lifestyles. You will need to protect the area from trauma or infection and pay attention to the condition of the surgical site, watching for signs of infection or other complications. Some patients do notice short-term pain and swelling, but in the long term, more than nine out of ten patients enjoy relief from nerve pain for six months or more.

What You Will Pay for the Procedure

At miVIP Surgery Centers, most PPO and POS insurance plans are accepted. You will want to speak with your insurance provider beforehand about coverage. Radiofrequency ablation has many applications, so it is important to specify that you are having the procedure as a foot and ankle surgery. You are responsible for paying out-of-pocket costs in the event that your insurance policy does not fully cover the cost of your procedure.

Prognosis of the Procedure

Although radiofrequency ablation does not offer a lifelong solution to foot and ankle pain, it can provide years of relief in some cases. Of course, the surgeons at miVIP can advise you on the likelihood of success as well as other foot and ankle surgery options.

Get Back on Your Feet With miVIP

For more information about procedures that can help relieve your foot and ankle injury pain or to schedule a consultation appointment, please call miVIP Surgery Centers today at 877-956-2263.

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