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Tracheostomy Procedure Benefits

Experience Increased Confidence with Minimally Invasive Tracheostomy

A minimally invasive ENT surgery can allow patients access to an open airway if the natural airway is impaired. A hole is created in the front of the neck either for temporary or more permanent use. This procedure is a way that patients who suffer from substantial illnesses or trauma can breathe reliably. The top ENT surgeons at miVIP Surgery Centers are well-versed in the most advanced surgical methods and technologies.

Some of the most common reasons patients opt for a tracheostomy include relief from neurologic disorders or paralysis that interfere with secretions that must exit the throat; emergency medical situations in which the airway is obstructed and use of a breathing tube is not practical; and medical conditions that require the continual use of a ventilator.

How the Surgery is Performed

The surgeons at miVIP Surgery Centers use an innovative and minimally invasive ENT surgery. Patients typically undergo general anesthesia unless there are concerns about general anesthesia compromising the ability of patients to breathe throughout the surgery. Local anesthetic can be administered instead to completely numb the area around the neck and throat.

The surgeon will make a small incision at the base of the neck, and a hole will be created after a needle is guided through the windpipe. The surgeon will adjust the size of the hole in order to insert a tube. A neck strap is attached after the tube is in place to keep it secure.

The ENT Surgeons at miVIP

There is arguably no substitute for top medical care. The ENT surgeons and support staff at miVIP are trained in the most advanced techniques and technologies for medical treatment and care. Our surgeons specialize in minimally invasive ENT surgery in order to achieve optimal results for our patients without any unnecessary pain and suffering.

What Patients Can Expect After the Procedure

It is common for patients to experience a new lifestyle after having a tracheostomy. Most patients adjust well to changes in everyday activities over time. Patients will typically undergo rehabilitation after the healing process is complete in order to swallow food and speak legibly again. In addition, patients will have to clean the hole and the tube twice daily to prevent infections, and patients will have to coordinate with healthcare professionals in order to insert saline into the tube when breathing moist air.

Cost of Surgery at miVIP

Our patient advocacy team at miVIP will work with you to cover the cost of the procedure. We accept most major PPO and POS insurance plans, and we also routinely work with patients to develop financial plans in order to fully cover the cost of the procedure.

Long-Term Prognosis for Patients

The most important benefit of a tracheostomy is the ability for patients to be able to breathe. It is common for patients to receive speech therapy and physical therapy when adjusting to activities of daily living. Your surgeon can determine if and when the tube can be removed. The hole created may be surgically closed using a minimally invasive ENT surgery, or it may heal with minimal outside intervention.

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