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About Tonsil Removal Procedures

Experience the Numerous Benefits of Tonsil Removal

Removing the tonsils procedure is typically recommended for people that experience chronic sore throat, peritonsillar abscesses, upper airway obstruction, sleep apnea, or chronic tonsillitis. Most physicians recommend that children under the age of 18 wait to get a tonsillectomy procedure unless the child experiences chronic throat infections that are not adequately treated with antibiotics or life-threatening conditions that impair normal breathing such as sleep apnea.

The tonsils are part of the body’s line of defense against airborne viral and bacterial infections. The tonsils may become chronically inflamed or swollen in both adults and children, and tonsil removal may be recommended as it can have multiple benefits for patients. Enlarged or chronically inflamed tonsils can be the source of chronic discomfort. Furthermore, enlarged or chronically inflamed tonsils can contribute to a variety of other highly concerning health conditions if not properly addressed.

About Tonsillectomy Procedures

Patients undergo tonsillectomy procedure while under general anesthesia. The surgeon will remove the tonsils through the mouth and cauterize the incision made at the base of the tonsils. No external incisions are required, and it is typically an outpatient procedure. A normal tonsil removal procedure lasts for about an hour.

The Expert Surgical Team at miVIP

Surgeons and support staff at miVIP undergo extensive and ongoing training in current clinical best practice. The surgical team utilizes the most advanced surgical techniques and technology in order to achieve optimal results for patients. The reputable ENT surgeons at miVIP will help provide the surgical treatment you deserve with minimal recovery time.

Post-Operative Expectations for Patients

Almost all surgical procedures come with some degree of recovery time. It is typical for patients to experience pain in the throat, jaws, ears, and neck for a short time after a tonsillectomy procedure. It is strongly recommended that patients follow all physician post-operative care instructions for optimal recovery times. In addition, it will typically take a number of days for patients to resume normal diets without pain and return to work.

Cost of Tonsil Removal Procedure

Our patient advocacy team will help you work with your health insurance company or develop a payment plan for out-of-pocket expenses that you may be responsible for. We accept most major PPO and POS insurance plans.

The miVIP team will help you find the best way to cover expenses associated with a tonsillectomy. We will make sure your health comes first.

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