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Sphenoid Sinus Surgery

Cure Sinusitis Instead of Only Treating It

It is not uncommon for patients to respond poorly for pharmaceutical interventions for sinusitis. In some cases, antibiotics and steroids fail to relieve discomfort and pain associated with chronic congestion and sinus headaches. Sphenoid sinus surgery can provide a more permanent solution for individuals that suffer from chronic sinus problems. In addition, sinus surgery can help clear blocked airways to improve breathing and reduce the risk of further sinus infections.

It is important for patients to work with top ENT surgeons. Excessive damage to healthy sinus tissue during surgery can cause more problems or make existing problems worse. The nasal cavity is a small and delicate space that requires very high levels of surgical precision. ENT surgeons at miVIP Surgery Centers increasingly utilize sinus image-guided surgery in order to achieve the best possible results for patients.

How Sinus Image-Guided Surgery Works

First, CT scans and MRI scans are taken of the nasal cavity. The images are imputed into the Medtronics Navigation System, which increases surgeon visibility during surgery. In addition, a 3D map of the sinus cavity is created in order for surgeons to achieve better results with minimally invasive surgical techniques. During surgery, an endoscope will be used for increased visibility and dexterity. Surgeons can better eliminate damaged tissue and leave healthy tissue untouched during procedures including sphenoid sinus surgery.

The ENT Surgeons at miVIP

All ENT surgeons at miVIP are board certified, and our ENT surgeons embrace a progressive philosophy and approach to surgical interventions. Our surgeons and support staff utilize top-tier technology to provide superior results for patients, including sinus image-guided surgery.

Recommended Aftercare and What to Expect During Recovery

It is important to follow physician instructions closely after undergoing sphenoid sinus surgery, and it is important to be careful when recovering from your procedure. Avoid strenuous physical activities and avoid blowing your nose after surgery. It is also important to recognize that individual patients can respond to minimally invasive surgery in different ways.

The Cost of Surgery

The miVIP patient advocacy team will help you work with your insurance provider or work with you to create a financial plan to cover out-of-pocket expenses. We currently accept most major PPO and POS insurance plans.

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Contact us at 877-956-2263 to schedule an appointment. Learn more about how sinus image-guided surgery can help improve procedures including sphenoid sinus surgery. Cure sinusitis with the right surgical interventions from the ENT surgeons at miVIP instead of repeatedly treating the symptoms. You deserve to take charge of your health and live a superior quality of life.

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