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Sinus Image-Guided Surgery

A Superior Approach to Sinus Surgery

The small spaces and narrow passageways inside the sinus cavity can increase the risks associated with traditional sinus surgery. However, new imaging and surgical techniques such as sinus image-guided surgery can help achieve superior results for patients with lower risk.

Surgeons can increase visibility during surgery without increasing the size of incisions. Furthermore, surgeons can operate with increased accuracy and precision to ensure that excessive healthy tissue is not damaged this can lead to complications with the sinuses and the need for subsequent sinus surgeries. Work with expert ENT surgeons at miVIP for superior results and recovery time.

How Sinus Surgery is Performed

Sinus surgery typically involves the removal or infected or excessive tissue or bone from the nasal cavity. Sinus image-guided surgery involves creating a 3D map of the nasal cavities from CT scans and MRI scans. The image is transferred to a monitor with an endoscope during surgery. The image on the monitor may be magnified during the procedure, thus improving the surgeon’s visibility and accuracy when removing unwanted bone and tissue while leaving a normal amount of healthy tissue intact.

The ENT Surgeons at miVIP

ENT surgeons and support staff are committed to utilizing the best technology to provide optimal results for patients, both during recovery and long after surgery. The staff at miVIP Surgery Centers takes an innovative approach to cutting edge medicine and treatment to help patients get the quality treatments they deserve.

Post-Operative Care for Surgery

It is common for patients to experience discomfort after sinus surgery. Fortunately, sinus image-guided surgery frequently presents fewer complications than conventional surgical techniques. It is important not to engage in strenuous activities after surgery and follow all physician aftercare instructions. It is also common for physicians to recommend the use of decongestants and other medications to reduce pain and swelling. You should also avoid blowing your nose for a short time after sinus surgery.

The Cost of Surgery and Advanced Imaging Techniques

The patient advocacy team at miVIP is available to help address concerns associated with insurance coverage and out-of-pocket expenses. We currently accept most major PPO and POS insurance plans. In addition, we will frequently work with patients to create financing plans to cover extra expenses.

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At miVIP, our multidisciplinary team is here to help you with all aspects of your procedure. Learn more about new sinus image-guided surgery and the ENT surgeons at miVIP. Call us at 877-956-2263 to schedule an appointment. Find out how minimally invasive procedures and new surgical techniques can help you live a happier and healthier life.

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