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Resection of Turbinates

Sleep and Breathe Easier

Turbinates are boney projections found inside the nasal cavity that help filter and add moisture to the air you breathe. However, malformed or swollen turbinates can contribute to conditions including chronic sinus infection and sleep apnea. This anatomical issue can be surgically corrected by expert miVIP ENT surgeons.

Patients that have had limited success with pharmaceutical treatments may be excellent candidates for a type of minimally invasive sinus surgery called resection of turbinates. The procedure can offer a more permanent solution to sinus problems and sleep apnea than pharmaceutical treatments for decongestion or allergy relief.

How Resection of Turbinates Surgery Works

This type of sinus surgery is a highly technical procedure in which a certain amount of nasal tissue is removed. Your physician will choose from two primary types of the surgery. The first type is called a standard resection in which the surgeon will remove a small portion of the bone through a small incision in soft tissue. The second type of surgery utilizes laser treatments or radiofrequency ablation which will shrink the unwanted and swollen tissue. Depending on the procedure, some patients may be placed under general anesthesia while others may be given local numbing agents.

The ENT Surgeons at miVIP

Our miVIP surgeons and support staff have extensive training in the latest medical technologies. We want to help you breathe easier by providing the best services possible. In addition, our surgeons are notable physicians in their respective areas of expertise. We will be able to accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your symptoms and provide minimally invasive treatment options.

What to Expect After Resection of Turbinates Surgery

Most patients that undergo recession of turbinates surgery go home the same day of the procedure. In addition, recovery time typically only takes a few days. Most patients report minimal pain and discomfort after surgery, and patients may take a decongestant to reduce swelling. This minimally invasive sinus surgery is a great option for individuals that want to treat symptoms without a lengthy period of recovery.

Cost of the Procedure

The cost of a resection of turbinates procedure will largely depend on the methods used and the extent of the surgery performed. We currently accept most major PPO and POS insurance plans, and we will be happy to help discuss different options for payment for out-of-pocket expenses.

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Call us at 877-956-2263 to schedule an appointment. Your physician can help discuss which types of sinus surgery might be best for you and help you find relief from troublesome symptoms. Breathe easier, sleep better, and live a more fulfilling life after addressing necessary concerns with an expert ENT.

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