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Information on Nasal Surgery

Experience the Many Benefits of Nasal Bone Fracture Procedure

Nasal surgery or sinus surgery involves the removal of unwanted or diseased tissues and the rerouting of natural sinus pathways in order to improve drainage. Nasal surgery procedures are commonly performed after pharmaceutical and behavioral interventions have failed to adequately alleviate chronic sinusitis. Nasal surgeries with varying levels of complexity can be completed using only and endoscope or can require the use of image-guided surgery that creates a 3D image of the nasal cavity by using MRI and CT image fusion.

Chronic sinusitis is one of the most common medical conditions in the United States. Patients can find relief from symptoms with premiere surgical techniques used by expert surgeons at miVIP. The surgeons and support staff at miVIP specialize in various state-of-the-art surgical interventions including nasal bone fracture procedure.

How Nasal Bone Fracture Procedures Work

The ENT specialists at miVIP utilize 3D maps of the nasal cavity and sinus image-guided surgery to provide optimal results and superior recovery times. Our surgeons load images from CT and MRI scans into the Medtronics image guidance system. The use of more advanced imaging technology before and during surgery allows surgeons to effectively removed diseased tissue and polyps with minimal post-surgical swelling.

The ENT Surgeons at miVIP

The team of recognized surgeons and highly trained support staff at miVIP use the most advanced medical procedures to obtain the best results for patients. Our specialists are considered experts in the ENT field and have been known to teach procedures to other ENT physicians.

What Patients Should Expect After Surgery

Some patients that undergo nasal bone fracture procedure may be able to return to work after a few days. Immediately after the procedure, the nose will be packed with gauze to absorb excess drainage and blood, and a saline lavage will be used to keep the sinuses moist. Common physician recommendations include the use of a humidifier, and that patients should avid strenuous activities as well as blowing the nose for a few days after surgery. Swelling is common. It is also common to speed up recovery time by following specific physician post-operative instructions very closely.

Cost and Payment Plans for Nasal Surgeries

Our patient advocates at miVIP will help you work with your insurance provider and set up a financial payment plan to cover out-of-pocket expenses. We currently accept most PPO and POS insurance plans.

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Take charge of your health, and start to live a superior quality of life. Call us at 877-956-2263 to schedule an appointment today. Our multidisciplinary team will help you address the best way to approach necessary nasal bone fracture procedure in addition to the best way to approach payment.

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