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KTP-532 Laser Treatment

Experience the Benefits of Advanced Imaging Techniques and Sinus Surgery

KTP-532 laser treatment is an innovative approach to various ENT surgeries. The treatment allows surgeons unparalleled precision, and the treatment allows patients to get the results they deserve with minimal discomfort and shorter recovery times. KTP lasers are modified infrared lasers with a wavelength of exactly 532nm to optimize absorption of hemoglobin. Patients experience very little blood loss with this minimally invasive surgical technique.

KTP-532 laser treatment is often used for allergic rhinitis surgery and other types of sinus surgery. In addition, laser ENT treatments are safe to use on patients over the age of four. This gentle alternative to ineffective or harsh pharmaceutical treatments can offer more permanent relief from allergies and sinus problems for both adult and pediatric patients, and it is often recommended by expert miVIP surgeons.

How KTP-532 Laser Treatment Works

The patient will typically lie in a supine position underneath the infrared laser during an entire KTP laser treatment. The surgeon will position the laser using advanced imaging techniques in order to treat the targeted area. The beam has a distinct green appearance as the KTP laser used illuminates a crystal of potassium titanic phosphate.

The KTP laser will seal all blood vessels automatically, which results in dramatically reduced levels of blood loss. In addition, little instrumentation is needed directly from the ENT surgeon. The surgeon will develop a KTP laser treatment plan for the targeted area, and the treatment device will deliver the imputed treatment plan.

Our Surgical Team at miVIP

We take pride in utilizing the latest surgical technology that will benefit our patients. Our ENT surgeons and support staff are trained in state-of-the art techniques for more effective and minimally invasive treatments, such as KTP-532 laser treatment for allergic rhinitis surgery.

What to Expect After KTP Laser Surgery

Post-operative pain is minimal, and post-operative complications are uncommon. KTP laser treatment offers comfort in addition to superior results.

Cost of Laser Surgery

Our friendly staff at miVIP is ready to assist you in any way we can. We currently accept most major PPO and POS insurance plans. In addition, we frequently help individuals finance plans to cover out-of-pocket expenses for allergic rhinitis surgery completed with a KTP-523 laser treatment.

Prognosis of KTP Laser Treatment

About 90% of patients that receive the treatment report that their symptoms did not return. KTP laser surgery is a positive option to more safely treat allergic rhinitis and sinus problems in adult and pediatric patients.

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