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Breathe Better with Adenoid Removal Surgery

Quality Interventions for Breathing Impairments

The adenoid glands are located in the major airway behind the nose and above the roof of the mouth. Enlarged adenoid glands can cause difficulty breathing, excessive snoring, and sleep apnea in addition to other breathing problems. Many patients have found relief from breathing problems after undergoing the right enlarged adenoid surgery.

The procedure is more commonly seen in children than adults. However, people of various ages can benefit from adenoid removal surgery. Advanced surgical technology used by miVIP surgeons has made the procedure more precise and less invasive than ever before.

How Adenoid Surgery is Performed

First, uvuloplasty is performed to remove the adenoid glands and any other necessary tissue from the back of the throat while the patient is under general anesthesia. Sometimes, a UPPP procedure will be performed to increase precision and decrease the risk of general and post-surgical complications. A UPPP procedure is basically a type of uvuloplasty that utilizes a laser.

ENT surgeons from miVIP use the latest techniques and technology to offer top surgical services and diagnostic procedures to all patients for superior outcomes. An overnight hospital stay is usually required for adequate observation post surgery.

Expert ENT Surgeons at miVIP

Surgeons and support staff at miVIP are always trained in the latest techniques for optimal results. In addition, cutting-edge technology is used for surgical interventions. At miVIP, surgeons and support staff have a common goal to provide the best procedures and treatments available.

Post Procedure Expectations

It is common for most patients to require about three weeks of recovery time after enlarged adenoid surgery. However, continual benefits of adenoid removal can be experienced after a full recovery is made. Patients can expect to experience soreness, drainage, and swelling for the first few weeks after surgery.

Cost of Adenoid Removal

The total cost of the procedure will typically depend on the scope of surgical intervention required. Friendly representatives at miVIP surgery will gladly help you create a financial plan for any out-of-pocket expenses and work with your insurance provider to cover the cost of the procedure. We currently accept most PPO and POS insurance plans.

Benefits and Long-Term Prognosis

Adenoid removal can help patients avoid numerous breathing problems and live a better quality of life. Some patients opt to undergo other recommended surgeries such as tonsillectomy at the same time as enlarged adenoid surgery. Overall, the long-term prognosis is positive.

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