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About Nasal Bone Fractures and Treatments

Look Better and Breathe Easier After Experiencing a Broken Nose

Nasal bone fractures are very common. In fact, they account for approximately 40% of all bone injuries in the United States. The nose is particularly susceptible to injury, and it is an integral part of the body’s immune and respiratory systems. In addition to complications that impair normal breathing, nose fracture can cause facial disfigurement and a variety of other unpleasant nasal bone fracture symptoms after the initial injury has healed.

Nasal surgery is not always a particularly straightforward procedure. Work with the team of expert surgeons and support staff at miVIP that specialize in utilizing the latest surgical techniques and medical procedures. We will work with you to address all concerns, from breathing impairments to facial aesthetics, the best way possible.

Causes of Nasal Bone Fractures

Most nasal bone fractures are caused by some form of trauma to the nose or face. Common causes of facial trauma include:

  • Injuries sustained during recreational sports
  • A variety of accidents, including automotive accidents or falling objects
  • Assault or physical altercations

Individuals that frequently participate in higher risk activities or do not frequently wear protective gear are at higher risk for nasal bone fracture and facial injury.

Nasal Bone Fracture Symptoms

Many individuals that experience a nasal bone fracture do not immediately identify that the bone is actually cracked. Whereas severe fractures are typically easy to identify promptly as the bone may be visibly broken and out of place, less severe fractures might present symptoms that take a few days to fully develop. Nasal bone fracture symptoms include:

  • Severe pain and sensitivity to touch
  • Swelling of the nose and facial area
  • Bruising around the nose and eyes
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Noticeably crooked nasal bone
  • Persistent nose bleeding
  • Fluid draining from the nose

Top Treatment Options at miVIP

It is often important to seek emergency medical treatment before addressing residual nasal bone fracture symptoms with an ENT specialist at miVIP. Emergency room doctors will be able to address immediate damage that is frequently associated with accidents, such as trauma to other parts of the head and neck. The ENT experts at miVIP can provide nasal surgery that will address issues frequently experienced by patients. Some common symptoms nasal surgery can address include problems sleeping and problems breathing normally.

Minor bone fractures may only require rest and over-the-counter pain medications initially. However, it is important to work with ENT specialists that use the most modern diagnostic techniques in the event future problems arise. The type and extent of nasal surgery may also depend on when the injury was initially sustained, the exact location of the fracture, and the overall extent of the fracture. The expert team at miVIP can recommend the best type of surgical intervention to best treat all bothersome nasal bone fracture symptoms.

Prognosis of Nasal Bone Fracture

The prognosis for patients that undergo corrective surgery after sustaining nasal bone fracture is typically positive. Variables that contribute to a positive prognosis include the nature of the initial fracture, the amount of time before expert medical attention is sought, and previous surgical procedures. Other variables that contribute to a more positive prognosis are specific to individual patients.

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