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About Allergic Rhinitis

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Allergic rhinitis is commonly known as hay fever or simply nasal allergies. Allergic rhinitis symptoms are caused by an atypical reaction of the immune system to airborne allergens. Patients with allergic rhinitis frequently experience a reaction after the immune system mistakenly identifies allergens as dangerous pathogens. A subsequent immune response attacks the airborne particles.

About 10%-30% of Americans report seasonal or continual allergies. Symptoms can cause a substantial drop in overall quality of life, or symptoms can be a constant source of frustration. Not all patients respond the same way to over-the-counter pharmaceutical interventions. The multidisciplinary team at miVIP is dedicated to using the latest medical technologies to help alleviate allergy symptoms via medication, immunotherapy, or KTP-532 laser treatment.

Common Causes of Allergic Rhinitis

Allergies are typically caused by allergens specific to individual patients. Some common airborne allergens include the following:

  • Pollen from different types of foliage
  • Animal or pet dander
  • Various types of mold spores
  • Dust mites

Common Allergic Rhinitis Symptoms

Most common symptoms for allergic rhinitis are similar. However, symptoms can vary substantially in severity due to the amount of histamine production. Several common symptoms include:

  • Runny nose
  • Postnasal drip and scratchy throat
  • Irritation of the eyes and itchy eyes
  • Excessive sneezing

Top Treatments for Allergic Rhinitis

It is common for patients to try several different treatment options when treating airborne allergies. Treatment will often depend on individual responses to different treatments. A few treatment options are:

  • Pharmaceuticals – Different types of prescription and over-the-counter medications can successfully treat allergies. Oral medication, eye drops, and nasal sprays can all effectively alleviate symptoms.
  • Immunotherapy – A series of injections, commonly referred to as allergy shots, containing small amounts of the allergen are administered in order to desensitize the body to a given allergen.
  • KTP-532 laser treatmentKTP-532 laser treatment is a minimally invasive surgical intervention that treats allergies by using an infrared laser to provide a targeted approach to treatment.
  • Treatments can either address allergic rhinitis symptoms for a temporary period of time or permanently.

    Prognosis and Benefits of New Treatments

    The prognosis for allergic rhinitis often varies substantially between individual patients. Some patients might alleviate symptoms for seasonal allergies with over-the-counter medications, and other patients might find pharmaceutical interventions ineffective or difficult to tolerate. Different options that include immunotherapy and KTP-532 laser treatment make the prognosis for the millions of Americans that suffer from allergic rhinitis more promising.

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