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Gastric Sleeve Procedure

Lose the Weight Starting Now

Bariatric procedures are used to help many people overcome their struggles with weight. One such surgery is known as a gastric sleeve procedure, which can be a life-saving measure. Obesity is linked to a number of health conditions that medical professionals recognize as serious. If you are ready to make a change, our team at miVIP Las Vegas can help.

Originally, a sleeve gastrectomy was used as an alternative for gastric bypass surgery. Now, many people utilize the procedure either as a precursor to gastric bypass or, because of its high success rate, by itself. Gastric sleeve surgery is a highly sought-after procedure and is suitable for people who:

  • Have a weight-related health condition such as diabetes or heart disease
  • Do not abuse drugs or alcohol
  • Have a BMI of 40 or higher

How Does the Procedure Work?

Laparoscopic surgery means the gastric sleeve procedure is a minimally invasive process because the surgeon will use very small incisions, with some as small as half a centimeter. Many patients prefer this procedure to gastric bypass because it is less invasive.

Your miVIP surgeon will reduce the size of your stomach by as much as 85 percent by using surgical staples. This will change the shape of your stomach but it will still be able to process the food you eat.

Our Team at miVIP

Our surgeons are the best of the best, all with board certifications and numerous other accreditations that make them industry leaders. The physicians at miVIP specialize in bariatric surgeries like the gastric sleeve procedure with years of experience helping patients lose weight and get on track to a healthier life.

What to Expect After Sleeve Gastrectomy

For a few weeks following your sleeve gastrectomy, you may have some slight pain and tenderness at the site of the surgery. Your physician may prescribe you medicine to help control the pain and ward off any infection. Additionally, he or she will give you instructions on changes you will need to make to your diet, including eating only soft foods for the first few weeks. It will be necessary to eat in small portions, as doing otherwise can cause issues such as nausea or diarrhea. Your doctor will instruct you to add solid foods slowly over several weeks. Within six weeks of your gastric sleeve procedure, you should be able to resume your typical routine and activities.

Cost of the Procedure

What you will pay out of pocket for your surgery will largely depend on your insurance. At miVIP, we work with most PPO and POS policies. You can always call one of our friendly representatives to discuss your policy and what your costs may be.

Other Important Information

There are a few things you should be aware of prior to scheduling your gastric sleeve procedure. The surgery will require a commitment to change, because:

  • The process is irreversible
  • Your stomach is now much smaller and absorbs fewer nutrients, so you may need to take supplements
  • You will have to monitor portion size for the rest of your life

If you disregard your physician’s recommendations, you risk stretching your stomach and regaining the weight you lost.

Contact miVIP Today

Our surgeons at miVIP have years of experience helping people who are obese overcome their weight issues. We would love to talk about a sleeve gastrectomy or other bariatric surgery options with you. Call us at 877.956.2263.

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