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Bariatric Procedures

Lose Weight and Feel Great

Currently, more than one-third of Americans are obese. This affects more than just your self-esteem; it is a serious health issue. In fact, someone who is obese has a much higher mortality rate than someone who is in a healthy weight range. Medical professionals note that carrying all the extra weight puts you at risk for developing a number of conditions, such as diabetes, joint issues and heart disease.

The good news is that these issues are preventable, and it starts with losing the weight. Our team at miVIP in Las Vegas can help through providing a number of bariatric procedures with robotic and non-robotic options. These minimally-invasive surgeries, such as da Vinci gastric bypass, can help you get control of body fat and achieve your weight loss goals.

Types of Procedures

There are a few different kinds of bariatric procedures that our highly-skilled staff can perform, some of which utilize the da Vinci Surgical System:

  • Gastric Band: Our surgeons will place a band around your stomach, which is adjustable to provide you flexibility. The band will help restrict how much food you consume, and the procedure is reversible.
  • Gastric Sleeve: Through reshaping your stomach, surgeons can reduce the size to help you feel fuller quicker. This process has helped patients lose as much as 55 percent of their body weight within just a few years of the surgery.
  • Gastric Bypass: miVIP offers both robotic and non-robotic options for this procedure, which will remove part of your stomach and reconnect it to your small intestine. This offers the quickest and biggest weight loss of all bariatric procedures. Those who are eligible for the da Vinci gastric bypass surgery typically have a body mass index of more than 50.

Conditions Treated

The main reason to have a bariatric procedure is because you have been diagnosed as obese. A man with more than 25 percent body fat or a woman with more than 30 percent is technically obese. If you suspect you are carrying too much weight, you can consult your physician to get your body fat percentage measured.

Symptoms of Obesity

Aside from being above what is considered a healthy weight range, there are a number of other symptoms that are associated with being obese, such as:

  • Having high blood cholesterol
  • Being diagnosed with certain types of heart disease
  • Having Type II diabetes

Options for Treatment

There are two basic ways you can surgically treat obesity, either through an open procedure or a minimally-invasive one like da Vinci gastric bypass. Open surgery can be very effective but generally means long hospital stays and prolonged recovery. Minimally-invasive options require only small incisions and a quicker recovery time, though not all procedures will be eligible for this laparoscopic treatment.

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